12 Reasons “Missioner” is the Hottest New Startup Space


Missioner, a startup coworking space in Germantown, was started by Nick Holland to give founders a creative space with like-minded people. 



It’s located in the heart of Germantown, the greatest neighborhood in Nashville history. 



Nick Holland knows how to motivate startups. 


 photo 5 

They keep their boxed wine right next to their coffee. 


 photo 2 (1) 

 This cat.


gI_111416_PopulrMe Logo

Populr.me is giving people the power to make their own webpages.


Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 10.55.43 AM

Daio is helping design teams with collaborative feedback.


Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 10.58.40 AM

This man with this haircut resides in Missioner and is in charge of Daio. 



OpenSky is helping people discover the coolest stuff in the world to share and purchase. 


2012-06-19 08.58.17

Acacia Interactive is showing people how to find the best of the web. 



 GreenPal is keeping lawns in tip top shape. 









Ample parking and proximity to the city are two of Missioner renter’s most practical reasons for choosing their coworking space. 


Last but not least, this amazing quote.












































Author: Kelley Boothe

Kelley Boothe is the Cofounder and former CEO of Southern/alpha (acquired in December, 2014 by SouthComm in Nashville, TN).