A message from Michael Burcham


Thank you to all of you who have weighed in on Code Crush.  Many of you I know – so I deeply value and appreciate your input.

The announcement that went out yesterday about Code Crush had not been reviewed; it lacked clarity and was inaccurate.  You have my sincere apology for that happening.  The announcement should have had proper review before going out –  I’m personally embarrassed that the story was published.

I not only fully understand your position as a coding and programming community – I agree.  I remain fully committed to the mission of the Entrepreneur Center – building our startup community.   We believe in transparency and honestly – those are our values.   Code Crush is cancelled. 

In the coming weeks, I would love to engage members of the engineering and developer community in the question of how do we help these emerging social enterprises that are doing good  – and I’m open to all the various ideas or models we can pursue as a community.  If you wish to provide thoughts on how we can collaboratively do so, please email me at Michael.burcham@entrepreneurcenter.com or text me at 615-400-7662.

Feel free to stop by the Entrepreneur Center anytime – I value your input on all the things we are trying to do to make our city a better place and to create a healthy startup ecosystem where all of us engaged in the process feel good about our work and our contribution.   


Michael Burcham

  • Thank you for the clarification and response. :)


  • Thank you for the response.

  • I’m sure this wasn’t an easy decision – but your honesty and apology are greatly appreciated.

  • mattg

    Thank you for the response.

  • Michael, I have a lot of respect for how you are handling a difficult situation according to your values.

  • Thank you very much for this response, delivered as it is without any attempt at spin. I have no personal grudge with the EC, and would love to be involved in the planning of any future such events to help ensure they meet the needs and desires of both the entrepreneurial community as well as the developers.

  • Thanks for the clear-eyed response. I look forward to seeing continued dialogue around this subject.

  • My job here is done. Until next time.

  • wgolden

    Thank you for taking the time to address this Michael.

  • You’re canceling the whole event because the press release was “inaccurate”? That sounds like something a correction could fix, and a case where cancellation seems like overkill.

    If the event was such a great idea, I think you’d have found some way to salvage it. But it wasn’t, and this criticism might be bringing a magnifying glass to legal and ethical issues that weren’t fully understood and need further review. And _that_ is why this event was cancelled.

    • nicholasholland

      Pretty sure its cancelled because of the entire situation – just started with the press release :) I actually think CodeCrush with a rational approach to equity as compensation would be awesome.

      • seats at the table, plates at the table; yes

        seats for key players on the team across all the disciplines that it takes to make awesome things; nice plates with nice portions

  • I’m proud to be a part of a community of digital craftspeople who can hold such civil discourse and learn from each other. Thank you for this response and your honesty. I look forward to continuing these discussions and seeing our tech community enriched by them.

    • Digital craftspeople making bespoke apps and sites by hand since the 20th century #becauseawesome

  • in the meantime, any coders with that “do gooder” urge are encouraged to contact United Cerebral Palsy of Middle Tennessee which, as the name does not imply, helps folks with all kinds of developmental disabilities -> more at http://www.ucpmidtn.org

  • Strong move

  • Thanks, Michael. A closer relationship between the software/tech community and the EC could be an awesome thing. Nashville has a ton of super smart tech folks and they’re brimming with ideas. Seize the day.

    Let’s not forget about Wes as we close the book on Code Crush. I’m certain he could use some support at the moment. He was trying to continue the legacy of Givecamp and things got messed up. Hardly a hanging offense.

    Wes, thanks for sticking your neck out and trying to make something happen. There will be plenty opportunities to help with future events. I hope you rebound from this and continue to be an active member of the community. We can always use more doers.

    – Ben