Ali Partovi at SouthernAlpha’s Media Hot Box


We caught up with Ali Partovi of on his way down the stairs from the Mercy Lounge for his “Recoding Education” discussion at Southland this June. He spoke with us about the “New American Literacy” and how getting our youth excited about coding is one of the tech world’s best bets. Check out the video below as Partovi shares with us about his passion for computer languages in education, and his roles as advisor to some of the most widely used resources on the net.  

About Ali Partovi

“Based in San Francisco, Ali is an angel investor, startup advisor, and serial entrepreneur. Ali is also a co-founder of computer education non-profit, and an active investor in sustainable food systems. Ali co-founded and sold two high-profile startups: iLike, acquired by MySpace in 2009, and LinkExchange, acquired by Microsoft for $265 million in 1998. His portfolio as an investor / advisor has included such successes as ZapposIronport, and Facebook, as well as newer ventures such as DropBoxViagogo, and OPOWER (see complete Partovi portfolio).” – Taken from CrunchBase Profile for Ali Partovi.