InvisionHeart Is A Beat Away From Making Their Vision A Reality


InvisionHeart, Inc. just closed a Series A round of financing with an investment led by The Martin Companies including the financing made by TriStar Technology Ventures, Mountain Group Capital and NueCura Partners.

This round of financing will be used to complete the technology build out, get approved by the FDA and initiate pilot sales.

“We are very pleased to have brought together such a seasoned group of investors,” said Dr. Josh Nickols, CEO of InvisionHeart. “Their collective experience will be invaluable as we move InvisionHeart forward.”

TriStar’s Christopher Rand will serve as Chairman of the Board of Directors and David Landman will become Chief Operating Officer.“I am excited to be joining such a talented group to help bring this new technology to the marketplace,” said Landman. “Cardiologists are in desperate need of a faster, more efficient way to receive and review ECG data from various locations such as rural hospitals and ambulatory care facilities. InvisionHeart solves this problem by replacing outdated data transmission methods with more efficient and inexpensive cloud-based processes.”

“A critical component of the ACA is making sure patients receive appropriate care in the appropriate setting,” said Charles N. Martin, Jr., The Martin Companies. “The technology under development at InvisionHeart does just that by allowing clinicians to remotely analyze critical patient data. This gives patients access to top notch expertise in lower cost settings, like ambulatory care facilities, while reducing cost.”

Author: Emily Zara

Emily is the Content Manager for SouthernAlpha and a student of the Mike Curb College of Entertainment & Music Business at Belmont University. She was born and bred in Snoozeville, IL, but has fallen in love with Nashville. Her interests include wine, Netflix, and Vince Vaughn monologues.