Jumpstart Foundry Company Getting Investment Before Demo Day


Last night, the 2014 Jumpstart Foundry Cohort in Nashville, TN had an investor preview night at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center. Ten companies started with this cohort ten weeks ago and nine are still going, a fantastic rate of success for a cohort that many are calling the strongest yet from JSF.
Out of those nine companies, Octovis is already working to close their first investment, many others are in investor relations, and 4 already have revenue. According to JSF Founder, Vic Gatto, Jumpstart Foundry took on new challenges this year as they accepted companies that are tackling,  “Bigger markets and more physical products.”


We wrote about all nine of the companies here before the cohort started this Spring. Take a look below to see where they started and where they are now.

ALONCII – Moving Fashion Forward

High heels are painful to wear and they believe they can change that. Aloncii is using 3D scans of your foot to make custom shoes that not only look good, but that are custom built for your foot too. Retailers will be able to allow customers to try on stock shoe models and then create the 3D scan of the customer’s foot to begin the process of creating a custom-fit shoe.
Aloncii hasn’t had many changes during Jumpstart in terms of what they do. Founder, Ashley Parkes, participated in Pre-Flight Demo Day, so she had already worked through a lot of the pieces to her business.
Ashley Parkes, Founder

BOOMALANG – Bringing Languages to Life (Formerly: Globe Speak)

Boomalang is a culture and language exchange platform, aimed at, “Unlocking cultural competency through the tool of spoken language.” They connect people of different cultures and languages for video chats based upon their personal interests and interest in talking about current events. They are launching with Spanish, Arabic and English first.
Chris Gerding, CEO
Leiya Hasan, CMO
Ashley Wright, Developer

APPLYANCE – Automated Hiring Software (Formerly: Hack_App)

Applyance started as Hack_App, a way to research and apply to code schools around the world. They have pivoted to become the easiest way for restaurant managers to hire and onboard new employees. Their application provides managers with a fully automated and integrated hiring system that allows them to get out of the stacks of paper resumes.
John Regan Moore, CEO
Stephen Watkins, CPO
Cameron Gray, CMO

HEALTHCARE MARKETMAKER – Practice Insights… on demand.

Healthcare MarketMaker is facilitating transactions between healthcare buyers and sellers in a manner similar to the way Zillow facilitates transactions between real estate buyers and sellers. It seems they came into Jumpstart with a strong understanding of the market already and have not pivoted.
Tony Corley, CEO
Brian Tatro, CTO

SPOTWISE – Real-Time Parking Analytics (Formerly: Spot)

Spot started out as a collection of technologies that would allow for people to find parking spots easily. The end goal of their initial idea was to reduce time in traffic, road congestion, and fuel consumption. They have since pivoted to providing parking analytics to parking lot management companies. They are using a more refined version of the technology they set out to build, but are targeting it at parking management companies to help them know when a car’s time has expired in a lot and to direct the parking lot monitors to that spot instead of having to physically check the tickets in every car window. 
James Crater, CEO
Chase Merlin, CTO
Trevor McCormick, COO
Zack McCormick, CFO

OCTOVIS – Transforming Healthcare with Wearable Computing

EHR’s were originally intended to enable clinicians to keep track of patient records more easily. Instead, they now spend much of their time with a patient looking at a computer and inputting information. Ocvtovis allows doctors to collect and input data into the EHR automatically with improved and more relevant data through contextually aware capture at the point of contact. Doctors around the world have been experimenting with Google Glass in the operating room and examination rooms. In one pilot cited by Octovis founder, Ryan Macy, only 1% of patients wanted the device taken off.
Octovis has already been talking with investors and is working to close their first investment in the coming weeks before they even reach demo day. Founder Ryan Macy has said nothing yet about the size of this investment, but only that he will be pitching for more at demo day.
Ryan Macy

PINPTR – Precision Positioning Platform

PinPtr started out as low-cost sniper detection using the technology they are working with not. That have pivoted a bit to, “a GPS-based localization technology that enables a user, device, robot, or drone to determine its location with unprecedented accuracy.” The market is growing for unmanned vehicles for everything from military and surveillance to package delivery and self-driving cars. Their technology will enable all of these other products to self-locate anywhere on the earth within centimeters.
Dr. Will Hedgecock, CEO
Akos Ledeczii, CTO
Peter Volgyesi,Hardware Dev.
Miklos Maroti, Software Dev.

SKILL SPECTRUM – The Best Way to Test Drive Talent

Their mission is to redefine and improve the ways that talented students are introduced to companies and gather experience prior to entering the job market founders. They work with companies that want to outsource projects to keep a lean workforce and then match students up with those projects based upon their skills. They originally wanted to build a platform that could match companies and students automatically. They have instead chosen to do much of the matching manually, but still plan to build a platform to enable project management between them, companies and their students.
Jim Devine, CEO
Rachel Young, Director of Operations
Taylor Raboin, Front End Developer
Matthew Abraham, Film and Strategy
Will Limratana, Back End Developer

ARRISTER – Bringing People and Products Together (Formerly: Woodgoods)

Arrister has kept their original vision as an online marketplace to browse, build, and buy custom hardwood products and furniture. They are starting small with drink coasters, and once they process has been refined a bit, they will scale to doing entire furniture pieces. Their online platform makes is very simple to customize the shape of your new table. “In the time it takes to snap a selfie, add the hashtag and post it to Instagram, you can have a custom piece if furniture.”
Andy Chick
Mark Huber
Andrew Leopold
Jumpstart Foundry will hold their public demo day at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center on August 21. Details and Tickets can be found here.

Author: Ben McIntyre

Ben McIntyre is the Director of Internpreneur, a Nashville-based startup helping employers and students maximize the investment they make in internships. He manages social media and writes for SouthernAlpha, while studying for a degree in Entrepreneurship from Belmont University.