Jumpstart Foundry Organizes Investment in PandoDaily



*This article has been updated to reflect changes in report

PandoDaily published an article today about the future of the publication, announcing they just closed a round of series A funding partially from Tennessee Investors associated with Jumpstart Foundry in Nashville, TN. 

*Investors associated with the Series A investment in PandoDaily included investors from both Nashville and Chattanooga. 

From the Pando Article: 

“I got to know and respect many of these investors through our work on Southland and, as we expand beyond the Valley’s echo chamber in coverage and events, I felt our investor base should reflect that. Also new are Base Ventures and Vegas Tech Fund, which were also two of the largest investors in NSFWCORP. It’s a testament to what Paul built that they wanted to continue backing our two combined companies. Returning investors were Accel Partners, Founders Fund, and angel investor Zach Nelson.”


PandoDaily raised a total of 1.2 million from new and existing investors. According to Sarah Lacy, the full amount raised from the company to date is 4.2 million. 

In the article, Sarah also mentioned the partnership between PandoDaily and LaunchTN. Last year, the two joined together to create Southland, a Southern conference celebrating tech /startups. 



Is Sarah Lacy taking a interest in startups in the South? 



Author: Kelley Boothe

Kelley Boothe is the Cofounder and former CEO of Southern/alpha (acquired in December, 2014 by SouthComm in Nashville, TN).

  • SteveRepetti

    I think Sarah is taking a BIG interest in Nashville — and, candidly, Nashville is also taking a big interest in Sarah!!! Good for everyone! BTW, CrunchFire Ventures was also one of the Nashville-based investors that participated in this deal!