Vanderbilt’s TechVenture Challenge Final Competition Coming Next Week


Though the final competition is just over a week away, the 2013 TechVenture Challange has been underway for some time now over at Vanderbilt University. Now in its third year, the event, put on by VUMC, is designed to provide students with an opportunity to work with inventors and scientists as they endeavor to develop commercialization strategies for Vanderbilt technologies.

As the event’s website states, a handful of promising technologies are selected and the students are”organized into teams and each team will have the opportunity to work closely with the inventor(s) of their technology to develop a commercialization plan.”

The final competition is slated to occur on April 11.

This year, the teams include the following:

  • My Cancer Genome :  “an online personalized cancer medicine resource and decision-making tool for physicians, patients, caregivers and researchers.”
  • Microfluidic Pump: Lab on a Chip : “A low-cost, small volume, peristaltic pump that can be used in Lab-On-A-Chip devices or basic research devices, to quickly and efficiently perform chemical or biological analysis.”
  • Reovirus Vaccine Platform : “Therapeutic strategy designed to engineer modified virus particles to serve as vaccine platforms capable of protecting against a broad range of human diseases.”
  • 12 Lead ECG : “InvisionHeart is a wireless, low cost, full function ECG intended for use by first responders, patients, and care providers.”
  • HIV-1 Diagnostic : A low cost, low resource diagnostic designed to extract CD4+ T-cells from a patient sample.
  • Insufflating Camera Pill : Carbon Dioxide insufflation provides colonoscopy patients with a more pleasant experience by reducing the pain related to over-distention of tissue

The event is held in collaboration with the Vanderbilt Center for Technology Transfer and Commercialization.

Until a few years ago, many had criticized the technology transfer and commercialization efforts at Vanderbilt as being highly inefficient and ineffective.  In recent years, however, the university has placed an increased emphasis on the program and it now garners a good deal of praise

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Ayumi is the Associate Editor at Southern/alpha. She's a graduate of Vanderbilt University and Nashville Software School.