PolicyCo launches in Nashville

What good is a plan or policy if there isn’t any due diligence or follow-up? If you work in a company or on a team that relies on a defined set of rules to correctly operate, then PolicyCo might be the solution entrepreneur Bill Butler is working on for you.

PolicyCo, a new startup out of Nashville, aims to be a home-base for important documents. The app gives users the tools to write a set of rules that they expect their company, organization or group to follow. In a new document, a user assign authors,  collaborate on writing their policies and procedures, add sections, while seeing edits and additions in real-time.  Once the policy is ready for distribution, it is published with a consistent style for legibility and ease of use.

Example of PolicyCo application. For more information, visit http://policyco.io

First, let’s define what the word policy actually means. For PolicyCo’s use-cases, having a policy just means defining a set of rules that everyone is expected to understand and follow. With a policy, you could:

  • Describe the process and expectations around drug screening employees 
  • Describe a dress code
  • Create a company guide
  • Make sure a process runs the same way every time

Different people can do different things in the company, but not everyone can write a policy for a technical department. 

“You’ve got to be able to write policy,” said Bill. “Some people might go somewhere and get a policy template. If they are technical, they might go out and hire someone.” PolicyCo allows users to focus on writing instead of styling or formatting a document in order to make a professional policy document that lives and grows with the company.

There are three broad phases of Policy.co:

  • Policy: The app gives users the tools to write a set of rules that they expect their company or group to follow.  This includes a simple, intuitive text editor, author assignments and version control.
  • Procedure: Details the mechanics around executing the policy. An example in the app is as simple as the steps for creating a log file that your team can review.
  • Compliance:  There’s a place in the app to attach proof of following the policy. The team is actively developing ways to automate this evidence collection process so that users of PolicyCo can be compliant with proof without thinking about it.

The primary market at first is users who need basic policy writing, writers of software manuals and authors of school manuals and handbooks. Use cases may include (but aren’t limited to) school handbooks, policy surrounding sensitive or private information, and companies who are looking to establish basic standard operations.

In the future, Bill and his team are looking at possibilities for PolicyCo to help users in the healthcare sector, finance, and food. “All of which require a lot of necessary compliance.”

The application’s business model is $50/policy with unlimited users from one organization + $5/additional policy. Try it here https://www.policyco.io/.

Besides Butler, the team includes Blake McCool as Senior Application Developer, Tyler Fletcher as Application Developer, Emily McMakin as Project Manager and Jason Hill as Marketing Director. The application officially launched in August of this year.

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