SeeSnap Launches in Franklin, TN

Lead by two Nashville investors, Startup SeeSnap is in the process of closing on a $250,000 seed-stage investment.

SeeSnap is aiming to become a new social utility for solving problems. Our goal was to create a solution that finally made sense for tackling today’s problems, with today’s tech. From honey-do-lists to societal problems, SeeSnap’s aim is big. The world needed an “in a snap solution” so we created it.

Early lead investors David K Morgan and Dr. Adel Elmessiry, two prominent names in Nashville’s business scene, are first in. SeeSnap also added Mr. Bryant Hayward, former Sequoia VC to lead investment, talent, & market positioning with known early customers.

SeeSnap’s CEO Mark Russell Filaroski led off our meeting, saying; “Mary Meeker said it best in her 2019 Internet report, ‘writing was a hack, we’re in fact visual beings’. See a problem, snap It (the problem) done.”

Nashville-based startup SeeSnap is positioning itself as the “picture worth a thousand words” of problem-solving. Beyond “reporting” and into a fully-fledged social utility for solving the world’s biggest problems. Do you have a broken fence at your rental property? The property manager could use SeeSnap to send it to maintenance. Down power line? A citizen could use the app to report a problem to public works. SeeSnap creates visual workflow solutions and important, often miscommunicated context around any given problem.

So what makes it different from a task/odd-jobs company?

“First, the word “task app” is banned at SeeSnap. We had to think beyond post-it notes or adding more words in a text box,” Filaroski said. “Our aim wasn’t to be a broker service between buyers/sellers”, and Filaroski feels strongly that the middle man “horse-trading game” is doomed, maybe not tomorrow, but that day is coming soon. Companies that are winning markets are building “right now” solutions. Filaroski; says the goal of the SeeSnap platform by 2020 is to give SeeSnap’s users total control over their lives, their environments, their work. That means, at home, in their neighborhood, at church, in school or at work.

SeeSnap’s solution is live for private beta testing. If you would like you can sign up at

SeeSnap built a PWA with sophisticated AI and machine learning to make sense out of each and every photo.

“The platform starts by making sure every photo is safe, we scan for (adult, racy, spoofed, violence, and more) then we disseminate important pieces of data from photos and learns as it applies this data to other photos, This is important as SeeSnap makes “before and after” now a useful tool for millions of daily use cases. You can see what was done when it was done, where it was done, who did it, and “lots” other data points, all via a snap of a photo, according to the company.”

I sat down with CEO Mark Russel Flilaroski, who spent twenty years as a Founder in seven startups. Some good, some bad, all taught Filaroski very valuable lessons. Mark found himself kicking this “idea” can down the road for over eight years, and finally getting around to “this needs to be an In a Snap” photo-based solution. He believes SeeSnap is the last company he’ll start and plans on retiring from CEO role at 50, so he’s wasting no time pursuing team, capital, and market that’ll drive this idea from Vision (MVP) to mass adoption.

Filaroski says, “We made up our minds early, to get the very best talent that we could get on day one, and for us that meant going globally for talent, selling the vision, using equity as a tool in lieu of large compensation packages,” he said during our coffee meeting.

That’s on purpose. “We’re very fortunate to have an incredible early team that loves SeeSnap’s flexible, fully remote environment. We pride ourselves that each person that joins SeeSnap has as much control and say over the company’s culture as anyone else on the team. It’s everyone’s jobs at SeeSnap to own culture. Obviously, for this to work, we have had to hire slowly and find people who wholly owned our SeeSnap vision.”

In addition to Flilaroski, the team includes Richard Varno, Kasper Kamperman, Calin Doditoiu, Peyton Goen, Christian Linares, Thijs Nijhof, Brady Tuazon, Hilmon Sorey, and Cory Bray. The advisory board includes: Mr. Tom Black, Dr. Rodney Hamilton. and Mr. Bryant Hayward, and Mr. Greg Offner. Lead Investors include: Dave K. Morgan, and Dr. Adel Elmessiry.

On the subject of starting a tech company here in Nashville, Mark understands the landscape well and is eager to offer mentorship to other pre-vetted founders.

“The best companies in the world all follow the storyline ‘out of a garage in California’. When you hear about tech startups, those are the stories you hear,” he said. “The reality is, I’ve only seen a handful of companies and founders in my 20 years as a Nashville startup founder. It’s a rare breed who are willing to do what it takes.”

He added, “The first couple of years are ‘chewing on glass hard,’ and many founders just don’t have that kind of grit. There’s a lot of ‘holy moly’ moments from idea to Product-market fit.”

SeeSnap was founded in Nashville (Franklin, TN) in 2019 and will be closing its seed/angel round of funding in 2019.

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