Trust Is Critical

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-Kelley Griggs


You know the phrase “Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink?” It’s originally from a short poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, regarding the sea. I think it also applies to the relationship between early-stage founders who’d like to raise funding and investors who are looking for a certain amount of traction in startup communities. If you live in the Southeast U.S. and are an early stage tech startup, you may feel particularly parched. Access to capital is Southern/alpha’s most requested subject matter. The good news is, Modern Capital is addressing this region and founders and investors who live outside of Silicon Valley with a valuable and localized network. Please meet your five minute mentor, Monique Villa.


Monique Villa, Founder of Modern Capital


MV: Creating more transparency for founders to the current venture capital fundraising process. Standards for revenue targets at the seed, Series A and beyond stages are only one piece to the puzzle and requires a closer look at how business models are evaluated. I believe in transparency and creating a safe space for founders to access the tools they need, when they need them.

MV: Trusting my gut when meeting someone for the first time and deciding whether or not they are someone I can trust long-term. This is particularly important when meeting founders who are seeking a long-term capital partner; trust is critical.

MV: Getting plenty of sleep and blocking out time to clear my head to prevent information overload.

MV: Startup founders benefit from having worked in the service industry. It is a critical training ground for understanding customers across all segments.

MV: I believe in respecting others. Titles shouldn’t matter; people matter.


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